Ladder to God

Bone and titanium…

Ladder to God
by Cat

Up those sacred steps it climbed.
Burrowing burrowing deep inside
Shinnying up the poles and climbing up the vines.

Dismantling from within.

I heard you praying
for an ordinary day
I prayed silently with you
And still the footsteps on the stairs.

I watched you leaving
Through the corner of my eye.
I knew and
You knew
And the sound of footsteps grew
And I heard you building a ladder
Up to God
Although I begged and begged and begged for you to stay.

I tried to chase them down again.
Down, down, just go please go please go please
Go back down.
I tried to chase them down the sweet, sacred spiral of your spine
But they knew the way

And they came slashing anyway.

Delicate tendrils reaching up
And down
And out
And in.
Toward each other, wasn’t it?
Scraping up the ivory and putting out the candles
as they came.
Clawing up the Temple where you lay.

And I said I’m sorry
And you said you were sorry
And it was summertime

And the darkness
came stealing up the ladder
Tearing away flesh and bone
Shaking the columns of metal and stone
Bringing down the House upon us all.


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