by Cat Jones


I mourned there.
I died and died and died and was reborn there.

Broken bleeding walking dead
Dead broke broken flat flat tire left alone left bleeding left flat flat line left turn wrong turns left for dead
Forever left alone.

Haunting barren coastline all broken heart and open wounds and bleeding silent tears,
Mourning in waves, great empty storms,
And knowing I might not ever, ever, heal there.

Walking dead among
Dead among ruins
Ruined among
Ruins among Dead
All draped in dark shadow
Black thorns and winter shroud
I never saw a soul there.

I lay stretched out forever across the dry, barren desert
All endless and beautiful and deadly jagged longing
All desperately scratching and scraping and furiously gouging at dry, barren rocks so near
So fucking near

So heartbreakingly chest poundingly ridiculously, terribly, terribly, laughably
Near to the sea.
Endlessly thirsty, eternally wanting, never endingly empty, forever unquenchable flame,
So near
So fucking near

So sadly, laughingly, stupidly, terribly, desperately
Endlessly near
to the quenching waters of the endlessly, endless sea.


3 thoughts on “Mexico

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