And now you will always be hungry

Vulture ink on paper in negative by Catharsis Jones

Ink on paper
in negative











By Catharsis Jones

You were a vulture,
coming after the nearly dead.
And I was dying.
Never anything but flesh to you,
nothing you could not just strip from the bones of the weak.

Just meat.

You sure did tear at it all right.
hungrily, greedily,

Sunk in all your hardened resin
beak and talon
searing little yellow eyeballs,
sucking marrow out of bone
turning soft tissue to death.

You felt so entitled.

And look at you now, “lover,”
Wearing flesh fattened
by everything
you took.
From me.
I was your sustenance.
Limb and entrail,
guts and gore,
You are made of me.

It’s not enough, though, is it.
As long as I live
it will never be enough.

“You’re already dead,”
you kept whispering,
“Just give it all to me.”

And I nearly did.

But someone brought water.


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