“All Lives Matter” …and why that’s a stupid thing to say in this context.

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By Cat Jones

See Dick. See Jane.
Dick is white.
Jane is black.
See officer friendly.
Officer friendly is racist and violent.

Uh oh. Officer friendly keeps getting away with murder. Oh no! Run Jane, Run!

Oh no. See Officer friendly shoot Jane, even though she hasn’t done anything wrong. 2015-12-01 09.54.32See the police department’s Public Information Officer. He is called the PIO. See the PIO tell the media that Jane got a parking ticket 3 years ago and never paid it, thus proving she was not a law abiding citizen. See the PIO hold up a picture of a nail file that was “recovered from the scene.” He says the nail file was a weapon. Here comes Officer Friendly! He looks serious. See Officer Friendly say that Jane recklessly reached for her purse. He says that Jane was planning to brandish the nail file at him, thus causing him to “fear for his life.” See the media print everything the police tell them to print about Jane.

See the media pretend Jane deserved it.
See Dick turn his back, because he isn’t the victim, and anyway, she had a nail file and a parking ticket.
See Dick’s family and friends do nothing about what happened to Jane, because racist cops don’t impact them, and Jane’s experience of the world was different than theirs.

See nobody care about what happened to Jane.

2015-12-01 10.44.06

See Jane’s family say, wait a minute, WE care!
See them organize!
See them DO something, FINALLY, about Officer Friendly’s violence. See Jane’s family get Officer Friendly indicted. Yay!
See them call themselves Jane’s Life Matters.

2015-12-01 11.15.41

See Dick scowl. See Dick say, “Wait a minute, what about MY life! DICK’S LIFE MATTERS!”

See Jane’s family try to explain to Dick that they aren’t dissing him, they are responding to what happened to Jane.
See Dick ignore that. See Dick and his family shout, “DICK’S LIFE MATTERS TOO!” See them all get really ignorant yet condescending toward Jane’s family.

“You people need to bla bla bla,” Dick advises Jane’s family. Dick thinks he hasn’t gotten shot by police because he knows so many smart things. “If you don’t wanna get shot, just Bla bla bla,” says Dick.
See Dick and his family all go home patting each other on the back, thinking they’ve showed those uppity “Jane’s Life Matters” people!
See Dick and his ignorant, clueless family go back to their tv screens and video games and Big Gulps, feeling all superior.

2015-12-01 12.58.01

See Jane’s little brother, Joe, get shot on his way to buy candy, by Officer Not-So-Friendly.

See the police department try to cover up the shooting. Oh Look! There’s Mister Smith. He owns the market where Jane’s little brother had gone to buy his candy bar. “We have surveillance video of what happened!” He exclaims.

Uh oh. See the police sneak in and take the video tape. “We need this for evidence,” says Officer Not-so-Friendly. Uh oh. See the police accidentally delete all the footage. “Well, it’s all right because he had it coming anyway,” says the PIO.

See Dick’s family not give a shit.

See the media claim that Joe “may have had a crack pipe” (although it later disappeared). They show pictures of Joe’s messy room, and talk about how sad it is that parents don’t teach their children better than to have such a messy room. See the media tell everyone that once, when Joe was in kindergarten, he pulled Little Jessica’s hair. Clearly, his violent past has finally caught up with him.

See Jane’s family stand up together again, holding banners saying that Jane’s Life and Joe’s life mattered.

2015-12-01 13.16.03See Dick’s family again get all angry that “those people” are daring to focus on something besides THEM.

“ALL lives matter!” They shout.
See Jane’s family say, “Then join us, because we’re dying!”

“No,” says Dick. “You people are messy and violent. If you don’t want to get shot, you should be more like us.”
See Dick’s family turn away. See them go off to their keyboards, typing ridiculous shit about how uppity Jane’s family is, because they are “divisive.” See Dick’s family tell each other that they are better than Jane’s family, because THEY know that “ALL lives matter.”

See Jane’s dog, Spot, get shot by Officer Even Less Friendly.

“It’s all right,” says the PIO. “We’re going to have a panel, and a grand jury, and a report, and shit like that. You’ll feel better then.”

“But what good is a panel or a report when Spot is dead?!” Asks Jane’s family.

“It will help you understand that Spot had it coming and the police are good and the present system is legitimate and justified,” says the PIO.

See Dick shrug. That sounds reasonable to him. He pets his cat, Frisky. He’s happy that Frisky is smart enough to know how not to get shot by police.
See Dick’s family go back to their tv screens, their video games, their keyboards and their Big Gulps again. They don’t really care about “all” lives. They only care about themselves, and they want to be the center of attention.


Don’t be a Dick.


2015-12-01 13.44.00




6 thoughts on ““All Lives Matter” …and why that’s a stupid thing to say in this context.

    • I’m going to go ahead and moderate this comment on through, even though I’m so sick and embarrassed by white people’s ignorance on this point that it makes me want to run outside and throw grass in my eyes. I tried to make this so simple that a child could understand … but alas, one might be able to explain this to a child, but one cannot explain through the veil of wilful ignorance.

      Here’s the thing, my intellectually stunted and almost certainly racist friend. As a vegan animal rights advocate who would never intentionally harm *any* living being, not even a mosquito, I bet I have a fuk-ton more respect for “ALLL lives” than YOU do. In fact, I’m betting you don’t actually give a shit about any lives but your own, and possibly those squeaky pink- white humans in your own monkeysphere. But I do. And yet? Trying to foist “ALLLL lives matter” over the top of the Black Lives Matter movement is ignorant, stupid, disrespectful, racist, and rude. I thought the story would clarify, even for someone as obviously wilfully ignorant as you, the reasons why. I guess I was wrong about that. So I’ll try some remedial education with you.

      Let’s start with the fact that yet another black man was shot in the streets yesterday by police. He was a therapist, trying to help his patient, an autistic man with a toy truck. And, talk about dilemma! Police shoot more unarmed mentally ill people than any other demographic. And they shoot proportionately more black people than white. And here was one of each, sitting there, unarmed and harmless in the street! Well, pull out those guns, “heroes.” And who did they shoot?

      White guy and black guy. Black guy is lying in the street, on his back, arms up, complying with cops. He’s telling them he’s a therapist, he’s telling them the other guy is just holding a toy truck. He’s begging his patient to comply. White guy is sitting up. He’s refusing to comply. He’s not threatening anybody, but he’s not putting his arms up either. And WHICH ONE DID THEY SHOOOOOOOT, Micah. They shot the therapist. Hm. Wonder why. http://ktla.com/2016/07/20/unarmed-therapist-shot-by-police-while-trying-to-calm-autistic-man/

      Look. Let’s try this a different way.

      If I say, “Save the Whales,” does that mean “fuck all the other animals”? No. It does not. It means, whales are being killed, and we want that to stop. Probably, we’re the same people trying to save battery hens from idiots like you who don’t care about the lives of chickens, the same people who are out saving foxes and bobcats from people like you who don’t care how steeped in blood their fur mittens are, the same people out fighting for the lives of factory farmed pigs, circus animals, and puppy mill victims. Yes. WE are the ones who care about ALL those beings, while shit heads like you stand on the sidelines and say stupid, asinine things like, “Why don’t you care about HUMANS.” (HINT: We do. Which is why I, and not you, wrote a story in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.)

      But we are focusing on THIS issue right now. You gotta problem with that? Why? Think about that for a moment, Micah. What, really, is your problem here with people finally standing up to demand an end to rampant, racist, police violence? Why do you want those banners changed to “ALLL lives,” really?

      See, people like you who want to change someone else’s focus to some other issue in that manner, without exception, NEVER give a shit about that other issue either. Never. They are NEVER out there fighting for anything at all and don’t care about either issue. They only want to silence you. They are pretty much always just smug, douchy assholes who are offended by any attempt to change the status quo, because they’re lazy, comfortable, self centered jerks who are benefiting from the status quo and don’t want it changed.

      So I know something about you, Micah. I know that you do not care one bit about “ALL lives.” And I know you are never out there putting yourself or your body on the line to save anyone at all.

      So please take your ignorant racism and put it in that tight, dark, smelly little hole where your head has been. And pull your head out.

      Here’s some homework for you, my friend. In hope that your will to remain ignorant is not as strong as your will to be something other than a douchebag. I want you to follow every link, and to watch every video.








      Oh. And here is a peer- reviewed, scientifically unassailable, scholarly study on racist police violence. Conclusion? YES. The police are RACIST and unarmed, innocent black people ARE DYING in vastly disproportionate numbers, from that violence. http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0141854

      That’s all I have time for right now, my friend. But if you go online and stop trying so hard not to see it, you’ll learn a lot.

      In short, Micah, Don’t be such a Dick.

    • Old news, but still relevant, so…
      Yeh, all lives matter. But “all lives” aren’t getting murdered by police. Only Black lives.
      Are you honestly going to claim you didn’t understand that’s why “Black Lives” are the focus?

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