20160301_160634This is a true story.

Once, I had to go through the underworld. And while I was struggling to make my way up into the world again, I met a demon there. Only I did not recognize him for what he was, at first. And I let him follow me up into the world. He hurt everyone and destroyed everything he touched. But he did not belong here, and the weight of his own darkness dragged him back down. He tried to drag me with him. I almost let him.


These are details from a painting about that time, that will be 24″ x 48″ when it’s finished.


This is a work in progress.


















A close friend of mine tells me, “Tears are the purest form of prayer.” And so I prayed a lot. And I bled, and I sacrificed almost all of me once, while that demon tried to drag me down.

I’m still standing, though. My prayers are finally answered.

Now I am reborn. And it is good to remember where I’ve come from. Grown up out of the earth in the spring that was watered and fed with my own blood in the previous fall.

So this is a story of coming back to life again. Rebirth, renewal, Easter.



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