We Happy Few

Cat and DJ

Here’s to the people whom I keep finding in front of my lens these days. Each SD card, gone over at the end of an evening, seems to weave its own narrative, to tell brand new stories about these people whom I love. This strange little band of us, who have washed ashore here, in the midst of our own great Odysseys and strange wanderings, we have found each other, curled up together around our own little circle of fire, a bonfire on the shore. Maybe this is not Hell after all, as I had once suspected. Or in the event that it is, at least the company is fine. rooftop partyHere, then, are just two days in the eye of this lens.

In the immortal words of Theater of Sheep, “These are my friends. Don’t fuck with them.” 

rooftop party1

DSC_0050 (2)

danielon roof13123292_838694376237169_7296923004884724964_oDSC_0049DSC_0074DSC_0960DSC_0175DSC_0106 (2)DSC_0976DSC_0159DSC_0346DSC_0817DSC_0821DSC_0904DSC_0862DSC_0712DSC_0717DSC_0720DSC_0728DSC_0838

DSC_0069DSC_0741DSC_0032 (2)DSC_0997DSC_0313DSC_0172 (2)DSC_011013087113_837522129687727_9050532941916448581_o13131669_837522013021072_2661198579744501049_oDSC_0234DSC_0235

DSC_0254DJcropDSC_0168 (2)DSC_0321stoop night


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