Chernobyl Rain


“Chernobyl Rain.” 16×20″. Oil on canvas. By Cat Jones.

 “Chernobyl Rain.”

Years ago, my friend Maria shared with me that, when she was a girl, she was unaware of the Chernobyl disaster, and was out running through the rain on the day that the radioactive cloud was circling the earth. By the time she told me this, she’d been worrying for years about the possible health consequences of that fact, since the rain was later said to be drooling radioactive fallout over the Pacific Northwest, where we lived, on the day that she was playing in it. 

Ever since she told me that, every time I think about nuclear power plants, I think about Maria, blissfully running through the Chernobyl Rain…. I haven’t seen her in years, and I have no idea how she is. But she was right to be afraid, because the earth is a closed system, and everything is connected. So many innocent little girls, out playing in the rain that day. So many grown women, left to wonder at the cost of being collateral damage, the price of nuclear profits externalized, without their consent, into innocent bodies.

Anyway, I painted this to commemorate the fact that Fukushima is *still leaking*, apparently poisoning the entire pacific ocean. Beware the waters of life, little girls. Businessmen have poisoned them.


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