Ghost Horse no. 7

Ghost Horse no. 7.
24 x 48″.
Oil and gesso on prepared canvas.
By Cat Jones.

This is part of a continuing collection intended to commemorate the victims of the Saratoga track. I just felt drawn to paint them, and I’d like to see enough attention brought to the cruelty and abuse of the racing industry that we could end this form of intentionally inflicted suffering.

The idea was to create a painting for every fallen horse at Saratoga since I began this collection in 2016. But they’re killing horses so fast that I cannot keep up. Nineteen horses were killed at Saratoga in 2016. So far, in the first few weeks of the 2017 season, eleven have already died. This is only one track, only one and a half seasons. There’s no excuse to be a smiling spectator in the face of this.

*Update, added on August 9, the number of dead horses at Saratoga this season is now up to twelve. One track out of many, just the first few weeks of the season. This is happening all over the world.

*Update. Added August 16. The death toll from the 2017 season at Saratoga is now 14. The latest victim heartbreakingly continued to try to run with a shattered leg, until there was no way left to run.

*Update. Added August 19. The Saratoga death count for the 2017 season is now seventeen.

*Update: 19 dead at Saratoga in 2017.


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