Ghost Horse no. 12

Ghost Horse no. 12. 24 x 48″. Oil and whatnot on canvas.


Yesterday, yet another race horse died on the track at Saratoga. Sayonara Rose was only two years old, and she ran her heart out. Whipped and beaten, she was run to death, and died on her way back to be unsaddled. “Took a bad step, had to be euthanized,” according to the industry.

Often, when a horse dies running, 2 bit gamblers sitting in the bar swear at the horse  for not “winning,” while it lies dying on the track.

That’s horse racing.  End it.

Incidentally, in the afternoon that she died, a friend’s cousin sent me a series of snarky, dumb assed messages to tell me that I should not be speaking ill of the people who caused this horse, and the fourteen others who died in the past few weeks at Saratoga, because, as she stamped her foot and insisted, she LIVES in Saratoga, and some of those people are her FRIENDS.

So, in the event she reads this post: Your friends are assholes. Tell them to stop killing horses. And don’t you EVER send me another piece of propaganda falsely claiming those jerks “love” their horses. No they don’t. If that were true,  they would not be running them to death for their amusement and profit. And when the horses can no loner run, they would not be sent off to die in slaughter houses… like they are.

Anyway. This is the latest in the Saratoga Ghost Horse series, commemorating the dead.

The collection will be shown on September 1 at the Romaine Brooks gallery in Albany, New York. Please join me for the show.


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