Unable to Deliver as Addressed

“Unable to Deliver as Addressed.”
8 x 8″.
Encaustic and whatnot on wood.

So… Sid’s mom died this spring. She lived a long life, and made her way along, and maybe he was waiting at the gates when she got there. But she was tough as nails and sweet as pie, and she was there for everyone who ever needed her. She was always there for me, even when almost no one else was but my dogs.

I’ll never forget her. We stayed in touch after Sid left the world, and this was the very last letter I wrote to her. She was gone by the time it got there…I always do put things off just a little too long. It came back to me…”unable to Deliver as Addressed.” And I’ve been wondering for awhile now… at least since 2012, when my lover left this world… how does one properly address a letter to the dead? Can a keening voice get through?

I don’t know. But the letter came back, so I made it into art. What else would an artist do.


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