Film and Video


Here’s a small sample of the film and video work I’ve done. While I have done a lot of film work, I was not usually the one who put them up online. So these are heavily biased in favor of video over film, and of the riot porn and political vids most people who did that work for me preferred. To see the kinds of things I prefer to work on, you will need to come to a show. 🙂

Fuck the Corporate Media: (Examination of the ways that the corporate media distorts reality and functions as the PR wing of the corporate police state.)

Pharaoh’s Army, 1st half:

Pharaoh’s Arm 2nd half: (Pharaoh’s Army examines the militarization of the police state and the rise of the use of “less lethal” weapons in the service of the class war.)

28 Seconds (The Killing of Fouad Kaady): (Fouad Kaady was an unarmed accident victim who was assaulted and killed by police for being in shock. His name was then smeared in the corporate media, where reporters ignored mountains of disturbing evidence of police violence and cover-up in favor of innuendos that Kaady “may have been on drugs” at the time of the killing. In fact, toxicology reports were available to show that there were no drugs in his system, but this is one form of shorthand used by the police-state PR wing to suggest that victims of police violence do not deserve consideration by the public.)

Farewell: (I spent a dozen years desperately trying to save the Columbia river sealions from being scapegoated and killed by the government in the service of the collapsing fishing industry, going so far as to found the Sea Lion Defense Brigade, a radical animal rights organization dedicated to the cause. We partnered with the Sea Shepherds, NW In Defense of Animals, and several other groups; we camped out on the river banks and stood guard over the animals, we investigated every move that Fish and Wildlife agents made concerning these animals, we crashed press conferences and asked questions that corporate media reporters failed to ask, we sailed the river to protect the animals from fishermen, we educated the public about the real causes of salmon decline and the fact that salmon and sea lions had always co-existed without problems before the fishing industry came to the NW, and we did everything in our power to stop the slaughter. In the end, the killing began anyway, and continues to this day. At the time this film was completed, the plan was to kill 85 animals. The number is now in the hundreds. PLEASE speak up! Contact your congressional reps and demand that the Marine Mammal Protection Act be strengthened again, that section 120 be removed, and that the killing stop. The Sea Lion Defense Brigade is still active in the Pacific NW. Please contact them for more information.)

Refusing to be Silent: (Interview with Josh Harper, just before he went off to prison for years, for the crime of speaking up for the animals.)

Petty Fascism 101: (Ashes O’Capitalism talks about what it was like to go down to Sacramento for the WTO Ministerial Meeting on GMOs, where thousands of police officers spent days attacking, beating, pepper spraying, and illegally detaining people who came out to protest the meetings. Ashes was arrested there, as was almost the entire Indy crew, for a “parade violation.” He was wearing a bandanna, and says before the meetings the city of Sacramento had passed a secret ordinance making it illegal to wear one. They didn’t tell anyone, and here we wander through the city a day after the mass arrests, speaking to officers on hidden camera about the mask ordinance.)

Day X: (While I did not do the editing on this one, I did shoot a lot of the video. This is what happened in the streets the night the bombs started falling in Iraq.)