Recent Shows


June 10, 2018. Benefit show/ auction for Malcolm Smart. The Low Beat, Albany, New York .

February 21, 2018. Our Hologram Mother. Group show. Relief Theater, Albany, New York. 

October 15 through November 3, 2017. Passionate Art: Convergence of Art and Anarchy. Group show. Circle A Haus Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 

September, 2017. Saratoga Ghost Horse series. Solo show.  Romaine Brooks gallery, Albany NY.

August 4, 2017. Mutual Aid. Group show, First Friday pop – up gallery, Albany, NY. 

June 24, 2017. Ecotopia. Group show, San Francisco. 

June, 2017. Collateral Damage. Solo show, Seattle, Washington.

June 3, 2017. Emerging Artist show. The Post Contemporary, Troy, New York. 

May, 2017. Dystopapoedia Solo showCity Church pop-up gallery exhibition hall. Albany, NY.

November, 2016. Group show. Pride Center of the Capital Region. 

September, 2016. Lark Fest. Albany, NY.

August, 2016. B&J’s. Solo show. Albany, NY.

July, 2016. Dana Park Series. Art festival.

fur-fin-feather-poster-8.5x14-201-3043005419July, 2016. Art on Lark. Art festival.

May, 2016. Anarchist Art of the 21st Century. Group show, Chicago, Illinois. 

March, 2016. Group show, Albany Barn, Albany, NY.

February, 2016. Dystopapoedia, Solo show, Brooklyn, NY

February, 2016. Activate, Group show,  Albany Barn, Albany, NY

December 2015. Flying without a Net, Solo show, Alacrity, Albany New York.

December 2015. Dead “Love” Collection, Solo Show, Art Haus Gallery (appointment only).

November, 2015. Fall Regional Art Show, Group show, Spencertown Academy, Spencertown NY.

October, 2015Feed a Starving Artist, solo show, Art Haus Stoop. 

September, 2015. Solo show, Brakes, Albany, NY

February, 2015. Valentine Group show, Johati Gallery, Albany, New York. 

February, 2015. Dystopia, solo show, Art Cave, Albany, New York. 

January 2015. Pathogenesis, solo show, Johati Gallery, Albany NY 

December, 2014. Dystopia, solo show, Johati Gallery, Albany, New York. RomaineSeptember2017smaller

July, 2014. Dystopia, solo show, Brooklyn, New York

May, 2014. Group show, Anarchist Defense Benefit, Cleveland, Ohio. 

December, 2013Solo show, Beck Haus, Akron, Ohio. 

September, 2013. Drawings, solo show, Seattle, Washington. 

July, 2013. Pathogenesis, solo show, Red and Black, Portland, Oregon. 

June, 2013. Group show, Annex Gallery, Portland, Oregon. 

May, 2013. Pathogenesis, solo show, Gallery 5, Portland, Oregon. 

March, 2013. Group Show. Annex Gallery, Portland, Oregon. 

December, 2012. Group show, Denizen Gallery, Portland, Oregon. 

December, 2012. End of the World. Group show, Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

November, 2012. Torn Asunder, solo installation, Milepost 5, Portland, Oregon. IMAG8000